fucklationship means: If you are with your partner, i.e. Same sex. The opposite partner can sleep together. Each party is fully aware of each other’s actions. If you choose to bring in a third person into your relationship, refer to yourself as “The power of Three”, i.e. You’re not “charming,” there is nothing about it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dominic Faulkner)

What else does fucklationship mean?

  • You can’t have a relationship in which you just want to get your sexual frustrations out of one person, but you will also share many of the fantasies that you each may be having. (in Community Dictionary, added by Josep Moreno)
  • If you are not in a romantic relationship with someone, such as a boyfriend/girlfriend or girlfriend but have had sex together. It can be either an open relationship or a closed one. A friend with additional benefits? (in Community Dictionary, added by Román Delgado)