Fuckboy means: He is a complete narcissist. Because he is confident he can manipulate prey, he will seek them out. He will not give any confirmation to her about his motives. Although he will try to convince her that he wants to meet her, he has a singular goal. Sex. He turns it around by pretending to be unaware of the disrespectful treatment and making it worse for her. He doesn’t care about her and won’t offer an apology. He will call her again, and he will convince her that he does really care about her and that they are cute and sweet. But he never takes her out ….. He will keep repeating it for quite a while in the hope that he will make a change. He may be able to validate his ininterest through seeing her with another girl that he is actually interested in. The fuckboy won’t reveal anything about the girl to you because he wants the prey there for backup and sex. He likes her as a woman, but not personally. The prey feels used and has a bruised personality. At any age, this selfishness will be present in men. She needs to be rescued from this selfish behavior if she allows the fuckboy to continue for too long. (in Community Dictionary, added by Petronila Santiago)

What else does Fuckboy mean?

  • One man who goes about fucking women and leaves them to be with another guy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Skyler Montes)
  • One boy who will do anything to get his girl. This guide will show you how to identify this disgusting but common species. White Nike Tube socks with Adidas sandals Ask for nudes He tells you that you are the only girl he is talking to He smoked marijuana once, so 420 is added to his bio There are many insecurity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Homero Parra)
  • He lies to girls in order to get as many as possible. This guy thinks that he is God’s gift to the earth, and is often pretty darn beautiful. When you get serious, he ghosts you. He’ll lie about wanting to plan a future with you. Ghosting was invented by Fuckboys. Only one way to defeat a fuckboy. Begin dating other men and then ghost him. He won’t let you ignore his ego. Although no one wants to be in a relationship with a fuckboy or woman who is not worthy of it, if you are truly interested, you should ask God to grant you a miracle. No matter how hard you try, he will cheat. Fuckboys are a bad idea. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jeffery Walters)
  • A worthless, immature boy who plays with you and your feelings in order to get his dick wet. He then abandons you for another girl and makes her miserable. They won’t stop because they are born to destroy hearts. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucano Díaz)
  • They are a boy and not a man.. they will trick you into thinking that they are different than other people. You will spend a lot of effort convincing people that they are good. In reality, they are just scum. Although they may appear sweet at first, they soon become a “special” person who convinces you they are special. You will find them trying to convince people that everything is their fault. Although they can be manipulative and persuasive, do not let them fool you. They lie about every detail and will cheat on your with multiple girls. Fuckboys represent the worst type of human scum on this planet. These people are extremely fake. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rodrigo Romero)
  • Boy who manipulates girls’ feelings. They hurt many girls, but fuckboys are able to tell girls what they want. Fuckboys will always be fuckboys once they become one. Don’t fall for a guy you think is a fuckboy. Fuclboys can be cute, so you will usually know if they’re a fuckboy by their appearance and behavior. His personality is a mix of a hoe and a player. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reyna Hopkins)