Fruit of the Loom means: A standardbasic object, process or person that’s as basic as fuck. This tribute is to the Fruit of the Loom, the fundamental fashion. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zain Frederick)

What else does Fruit of the Loom mean?

  • “Fruit of the Loom” This is an ancient company that borrowed a part of the phrase from “fruit of the Loom”, which was a biblical reference to child(s). To reflect the weave textile material that underwear is made of, play was changed to “Loom”. It is possible that the founder meant that underwear contained the essential genitalia for children’s existence. It is my interpretation, as it would be meaningless or strange otherwise. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mason Cooley)
  • This is a type of brief underwear that often loses. Also known as tighty whitey, tights, or tighty whities. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jamiya Graves)
  • It is the act of going on top of a girl and putting a jolly rancher inside your mouth. Then, inconspicuously, you spit the candy into her vagina. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gavin Dawson)
  • Fruit of the Loom also makes boxers. My home is in Kentucky, near the huge Fruit of the Loom plant. The only ones who are wearing Fruit of the Loom boxesers are the pimps and black FTL Fruit of the Loom boxers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finnegan Rogers)