Froomie means: These are the most brawny girls you will ever see in a formal setting. It is a combination of “formal”, “roomies”, and it describes the most GLAMAROUS women who have ever walked into the formal room. They bring the party everywhere they go, always together. They are literally SMANGIN and as sexy and hot as HELL. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roman Singleton)

What else does Froomie mean?

  • A roommate and a friend. It doesn’t have to be roommates. (in Community Dictionary, added by Walter Merritt)
  • Combination of “friend” + the abbreviation of “roomie”, This is a description of two individuals who are close friends, confidantes and not just roommates. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ignacio Gallego)
  • A froomie can be described as both a roommate and friend. You should not use this term if you have an exceptional, great, perfect, extraordinary, friend who is also your best, most honorable, fantastic, and sublime roommate. This term should not be applied if your friend is a bad friend, but you are a great roommate. These are the cases where they can be considered your roommate or friend. Keep your froomies close to you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Olive Clark)
  • Future Roomie It is used only in the sense of excitementlove, not as a negative connotation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sam Michael)
  • A person who is both an Avetard or Ou Tard, is lit up and has the most roomie, as well as the plug for marijuana, and also happens to be insane about weed tolerance. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darren Fisher)