Frontting means: Pronounced as “frawntin”. Scottish version of “Frotting”. Frotting, Groove and Grooving. Non-penetrating sex. You can rub the genitals of another person. The popularity of mazola oil parties was due to the fact that they were often accompanied by large quantities oil. Although “frotting”, has an unconsensual connotation of its own, the term “frontting” is more commonly used to refer to a consensual organization. Although slang terms may not make it to print, the Donavan song “Mellow Yellow” clearly demonstrates “frontting”. Donovan’s “Mellow Yellow”, his song, contains the line: “I’m mad about frontting.” Donovan was known for fronting a gay male form of sex. This caused concern over Donovan’s reputation in America. He used the “fourteen” on American tours. Then he added the “fourteen-year-old girls”. Another ruckus ensued. It was resolved by his PR team, who explained that Donavan loved fourteen-year-old girls as much as he did. The term “Mellow Yellow” could refer to saffron oil margarine. This is supported by the phrase “I’m mad about saffron.” “Electric bannana”, however, may be a reference to an electric dildo. This song is not likely to be drug-related, contrary to what was once thought. It may have been a song about group sex. It seems that the background lyrics, which are “quite correct and slick”, support this claim. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maniform)