Frog Hog means: A woman obsessed with Navy SEALs. Frog Hogs use the internet to locate every Navy SEAL on Facebook, present or past. They “like” and leave comments on any Navy SEAL’s profile and engage in a lot of ass-sipping. You can also look at the comments of each SEAL on that profile and find out about other Navy SEALs by looking on their Facebook pages. The men then become friends with them and display the same behavior, spreading their Frog Hogness around in an annoying manner. These people also become too dramatic with facebook arguments and voice their opinion when they don’t have to. They are even defensive about the SEALs they follow, even though the men they track may not be real friends. (in Community Dictionary, added by Slapdash)

What else does Frog Hog mean?

  • Slut woman whose primary goal it to be matched with a Navy SEAL. (in Community Dictionary, added by Abel Wright)