Freshman means: In most cases, a person in their first year at college or high school who is not usually associated with high school. At the bottom of food chain. Freshmen are increasingly being looked down upon, mainly because they become more irritating every year. They are often seen in the hallways, taking others’ lunch spots or being complete dicks to senior grades, even though they only just started school. Because of their inability to respect others, teachers and older grades will often make fun of freshman’s past years of 0,1,2 years ago. T. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ululation)

What else does Freshman mean?

  • This class is one of the most difficult in high school. These kids, who were 8th-graders, had grown up with respect for younger children. These kids, as freshmen, are used to only receiving three things: Bullshit and respect. Many freshman are able to see themselves as they really are, respect others and receive lots of respect in return. Some freshman enter highschool thinking that they are better than others. This is a bad mentality and can lead to mediocre results. Overly confident freshman can even be exiled from their classmates for refusing to accept them. There are also a few young, cock-hunting freshman who appear to be 18 years old. We are proud to be their friends. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jayla Joyce)
  • A freshman student is typically a first-year high school student. During the six minute break between classes, they enjoy finding a place to stop and hug friends in the corridor. Sometimes they think they’re cooler than others, but this is not true for all freshman. (in Community Dictionary, added by Everett Burton)
  • First-year student in a university or high school. For protection, tends to carry large bags. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucrecia Montoro)
  • Student in the first year of high school, college or university. (in AZ Dictionary)