Free Bagel Friday means: Wheezy Waiter video series features the theme of Free Bagel Friday. Craig Benzine is Wheezy Waiter, a creator of video content. He has a YouTube channel and a blog called Wheezy Waiter. Craig started creating Wheezy Waiter videos in June 2007. Craig has included a Free Bagel Friday segment in every video he makes since January 2009. Craig gets free bagels every Friday on Free Bagel Friday. Craig goes to Mike Benedetto’s office every Friday for Free Bagel Friday. He demands the bagel and punches Mike in an attempt to take his most frequent bagel (a sesame bagel). Mike usually flees backwards when he gets punched. The Wheezy Waiter video’s longest-running and most repeated comical segment is this one. Although the format is the same throughout, Mike and Craig often discuss any topic or jokes in the video. In a clip where Craig Wheezy Waiter sang a song called “Creep”, Mike used lines from that song to talk about his Free Bagel Friday encounter. For more details on these videos, see the Wheezy Waiter definition. (in Community Dictionary, added by Karla Frost)