fratastic means: An act similar to what might occur at a fraternity event or party. It must be outrageous, ridiculous, amazing, and clear-cut. All present should be having fun, drinking cheap beer, and blacking out. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brady Griffin)

What else does fratastic mean?

  • You live in an unhappily fratty way. (in Community Dictionary, added by Martín Guerrero)
  • Being very Fratboy-like; possessing desirable traits for a frat boy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amaro Prieto)
  • Overly frat-boyish, i.e. Doing keg-stands just before the keg has nearly been tapped. (in Community Dictionary, added by Prince Reyes)
  • The beauty and art of being ‘fratastic is something that only the elite can achieve. People who are “fratastic” are known for their ability to pee in strange places and drink all week. They also have the tendency to host late-night dance parties and do keg stand, funnel beers, hold keg races and are great at flipping cups and beer pong. You must have an interesting story to claim your status as “fratastic” or you will be disqualified. While girls can be described as fratastic for some stories or events, it’s much more difficult for them to achieve this level of incredibleness due to their greater capacity for embarassment. (in Community Dictionary, added by Beckett Hobbs)
  • A complete obsession with one’s fraternity. Borderline homosexual. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dominic Faulkner)
  • Fraternal reverence is the pinnacle of college success from a social perspective. This quality is only possible for a few, and it can be achieved by throwing bone-chuck ragers. Generator-powered megawatt blacklights with L.E.D-refracting party lighting create a dance club atmosphere conducive to all interactions. You may be known for shouting frat and taking a 15-20 second sip from your handle. This is a sign that you are not fratastic. You will wake up looking and feeling like god, after having drunk to the point of losing all inhibitions. To achieve fratastic success, you must be slamzonied or shwapdizzled. It may be necessary to regularly share nonsensical, sober rants, depending on where you live, such as certain conditions that can affect certain peoples living in certain regions of underdeveloped nations and continents. You can also encourage others to be obnoxious and refer to your instructor as professor. Also, you should use movie quotes to strengthen humor. It is crucial to preserve fratters around the world by completing a long, comprehensive summary of fratastic ideaology. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sandra Nash)