frat sweetheart means: The fraternity’s sweetheart elects a woman to be the House sweetheart. She spends a lot of time supporting events and helping out with projects. She usually hosts a dinner for the House once per week. All of the men are dressed in shirts and tie and on their best behaviour. The sweetheart usually is a girl from a sorority, although this does not mean that they are always. Sweethearts are held in high regard. They receive respect and dignity. This isn’t a contest for beauty. She must be of good character and have great grades. Although being pretty is nice, it won’t guarantee sweetheart status. To crown the house sweetheart, a contest lasts for a week. All members of the fraternity are invited to judge the contest. Contests include decorating paper to be hung on homes, raising funds for charities, social interaction with fellow members and essay contest. Usually contestants try and bribe other members with cookies, candies, breakfast and singing. They rule the year for their sweethearts and are very close with the brothers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reddow2Heyday)