Founding Fathers means: Kurt Vonnegut claims that the Founding Fathers were “sea pirates”. This is white Europeans who founded new countries in North, Central and South America, displacing, or even exterminating indigenous people. 2’Founding Fathers of America are political leaders and statesmen that participated in American Revolution. They signed the Declaration of Independence and took part in the American Revolutionary War. “Many Founding Fathers had African American slaves. The Constitution of 1787 approved slavery. According to some historians, the term “Founding Fathers”, refers to a wider group that includes the Signers, the Framers and all other individuals who participated in the creation of the United States of America. — Wikipedia. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sage Benson)

What else does Founding Fathers mean?

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  • It was a group that included Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The Declaration of Independence was written by them. They beat the British during the American Revolution and helped to write the Constitution of the United States to ensure freedom, liberty and democracy for all. However, the truth is that these men were among the most wealthy in America at the time. They represented the interests only of rich property owners. They did not care about the suffering of women, slaves and the poor. Constitution was only a document that stated that a government would be formed to protect the wealthy’s interests at the cost of all others. 99 percent. (in Community Dictionary, added by Denzel Shields)
  • A group of American leaders that signed the Declaration of Independence or framed the US Constitution. This is the largest ever gathering of political genius in one location and at one time. Their system of government has been in place for approximately 230 years. They were the architects of one of the strongest, freest, and most successful countries human history has ever known. People who claim that Constitution framers were protecting the wealth interests are really disapproving of it because it does not authorize redistribution or economic equality. Because of its limited power, the separation of powers and decentralization, no one can be trusted completely with power. However, the left believes in philosopher kings and political messiahs that are truly committed to public good. To find lasting solutions for perennial social problems like poverty, all you have to do is concentrate power on such individuals. They have a problem with the Constitution because it paralyzes government and stops it trying to create utopian societies. If you do not believe in philosopher kings or political saviors, and you believe people will always be selfish, then you won’t recognize the wise counsel of the Founding Fathers when they built a government that has internal controls. (in Community Dictionary, added by Canoodle)