forlorn hope means: An army of soldiers and other combatants who are selected to lead a military operation such as an attack on a defensive position where there is a high risk of losing their lives. This term comes from Dutch and roughly translates to “lost troop”. The Donner Party, which was stuck in the mountains by the Donner Party, was saved by a group of fifteen strong immigrants, five women and nine men. A boy aged twelve joined them on December 16th 1846 to seek help. They used snowshoes that Franklin Graves, an elderly farmer, made. The group was later known as “Forlorn Hope”, and consisted of: Luis and Salvador, 19, 28 Miwok guides were murdered to get food. Antonio, 23, was a teamster who died. Patrick Dolan 35, died William Foster 31, survived Sarah Murphy-Foster 20 survived, but William and she lost Jeremiah their baby boy. Harriet Murphy Pike 18, survived; lost her baby Catherine Lemuel Murphy 12 died in spite of his sisters. His mother Levina 37 and his brother John 17 also lost. William Eddy, 28, died; lost Eleanor 25 and his children James and Margaret 3. Franklin Graves, 57, was killed; Elizabeth 46 and his three children (Jonathan, Franklin and Elizabeth 7 years old) were also lost. Mary Graves 20 survived Sarah Graves-Fosdick 22, survived Jay Fosdick 23, died Amanda McCutchen, 23, survives; loses her baby Harriet Charles Stanton 30, died. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hailie Finley)

What else does forlorn hope mean?

  • A difficult or almost impossible task. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A group of soldiers sent to an emergency mission as part of an advance guard. (in AZ Dictionary)