FMC means: Fake My Chat You suddenly lose your chat conversation or your chat app disappears from facebook chat. It’s the most embarrassing thing you will see on Facebook. You need to either say sorry, or log in again. (in Community Dictionary, added by Everett Burton)

What else does FMC mean?

  • Father my Children Father of Mine 1. Used to describe someone who is so desirable or attractive that reproduction is possible. 2. Used to describe someone who is so amazing, their genes should be preserved for the benefit of all humanity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Parker Kennedy)
  • Fake My Course. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zoey Sanford)
  • Get off my couch. (in Community Dictionary, added by Beatriz Muñoz)
  • The Four Mighty Cac, or simply the Four Man Crew are Descendants of Royalty and God’s Blessings. Their presence can be felt from far away. They are hated by those who don’t like them and they stay away. To boast about their FMC status, women are quick to get up on their feet and show off their beauty. They are being interrogated by the CIA to see if they want to share a room. They are independent, self governing, self determining, self sustaining, self reliant and self-governing. However, they can all be manipulated by the entire universe. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lino Velasco)
  • “Fuck My Cock!” This phrase has sexy connotations but is more often used to exclamate than it is sexual. The phrase can also be used to exclaim in negative situations as well as positive ones. However, the meaning of the phrase can vary depending on the context and the individual’s preferences. (in Community Dictionary, added by Benigno Arias)
  • If you are using a POS computer, Fuck My Computer is an acronym. Fuck My Connection is for slow DSL or dial-up internet connections. (in Community Dictionary, added by Álvaro Herrera)