flying fluco means: Fluvanna County finished its 1948 season as one of only a few Virginia high school teams. The team had a record 7-1-1. Fluvanna County’s 1949 High School Yearbook (the Fluvannual) makes the first mention of the nickname Flying Flucos. According to the yearbook: “Our next game was on November 12, and it was the pride of our ‘Flying Flucos. We were rated as the underdogs during Fluvanna’s game against Manchester. However, we scored a touchdown and a safety to win 9-6. This team is, in fact, what gave us our name “Flying Flucos.” Before this game, something might have been written or said about “The Flying Men of Flu.Co.” Fluvanna County was abbreviated. Fluvanna County High School students adopted the name “Flying Flucos” and have used it ever since. First attempt at creating a visual representation of Flying Flucos’ mascot was “Mercury mythology winged sandals” which appeared between the 1950’s and 1960’s. They were made from imperishable golden and could fly the gods faster than any other bird. Flying Fluco’s logo is the Old English Flying “F” with wings. Many attempts were made over the years to create a Flying Fluco-type mascot, but none of them received much support. A caped “Flucoman” mascot was recently introduced. Two times, the nickname Flying Fluco has been on ESPN’s Top High School Nicknames List. Once it was awarded the number 2 spot for “most unusual mascot”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carissa Houston)