flying camel means: sharomyzhnik po russki: offensive synonym for a charlatan A conman is not a convict but a conniving one A building contractor that takes the entire sum of work or just a portion and does substandard work. A person who accepts your money but doesn’t deliver what they promised. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlie Willis)

What else does flying camel mean?

  • You place your girlfriend on your back, and then you push your boyfriend inside. Keep bending your knees and trying to not use your arms, you bend over so that you don’t ram your girlfriend in the stomach. Then, you can make a camel sound by flapping your arms like an idiot and wagging them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darion Schaefer)
  • The headboard should be placed one inch away from the wall. Next, place your little girl doggy-style on the headboard. As you pound away on the floor, your head will strike the headboard, which in turn will make a loud, groaning sound. As all of this happens, you can wave your arms up in the air, making noises similar to a camel. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryann Ramsey)
  • You are pushing your lady from the knees while she lies on her back. While the catheter is in place, you slowly move to her side and then prop your body up. Then, you will flap your arms in a long howl that sounds like a flying camel. It is strictly a class move. (in Community Dictionary, added by Esiquio Molina)