Fluttershy means: My Little Pony’s yellow pony, with pink hair. She’s kind, shy and very caring. She can get along with all kinds of animals. Also, she is very calm. Pegasus, which is her name, has wings but she doesn’t like to fly. Ponyville is where she lives with her pets. Rainbow Dash, her best friend, can fly very fast too. Although she is afraid of dragons and can still tame them, Angel is her pet bunny. Her character is My Little Pony’s main protagonist. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thomas Harding)

What else does Fluttershy mean?

  • This is the most irritating and annoying cartoon character. She is not a whiner, crying, or a complete loser. Instead, she is angry and acts like a total bitch. She is as hateful and vile than the Sonic fanbase. Her fans will attack any person who does not worship her, or speak about her like a god. She is often drawn as a human with an over-sized chest. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leonard Mcdonald)
  • Fluttershy is an animated character on the TV series My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. She is shy and introverted, with long hair and yellow feathers. Like Rainbow Dash, she can be assertive at times, but that was removed in Season 3. Because she’s so cute, the older male fans love her. She is also a favorite character in My Little Pony because she has the largest fanbase. She is often drawn with her breasts inflated in humanisations of My Little Pony, except for the movie Equestria Girls. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelyn Pittman)
  • Perhaps the most adorable cartoon character. The character is from the animated series My Little Pony: Magic Friendship is Magic. She is well-known for being shy and loving nature. Also, she is the kindest, most caring, and thoughtful living being. She can be emotionally unstable and will hide from herself at times. When her friends or she are threatened, she may go into an extreme rage that could make a dragon cry. Unnaturally, she has a strong bond with animals and is able to understand their needs. A staring contest she had with a cockatrice, a creature whose stare can turn you into stone. She won and scared the living daylights out of the cockatrice. She is the person we all need to be repressed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Belén Flores)
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – The yellow pony Fluttershy, a pegasus with wings, is timid and quiet. But she won’t stop standing up for her friends. MLP’s main character is she, with yellow fur and turquoise eyes, and pink tail and hair. The cutie mark is made up of three blue butterflies and three pink butterflies. Fluttershy has a passion also for animals and spends most of her time with them in the forest. However, she is afraid of adult dragons. Cloudsdale is a place high up in the clouds over Equestria, and she was her origin. Fluttershy was not as skilled in flying as others and she was bullied. Rainbow Dash stood by her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Clinton Duke)