Flurker means: Noun: A fake lurker is someone who enters a Twitch channel to view the stream, but then ends up talking with everybody. It was originally discovered in Gabriel Dresden’s stream. A user came in to listen but then ended up talking. Dave exposed him as a false lurker and flurker and made this word popular. Since then, it has spread to other rooms. Noun flurk is also a person who pretends to be a lurker. adj. Flurking is the act or omission of being a false lurker. verb. Flurked means to have been a false lurker. (in Community Dictionary, added by Erick Liu)

What else does Flurker mean?

  • A chatter who is seated in a chat room, but not speaking. Flurkers are they? It is believed that they are both fapping as well as lurking simultaneously. So a flurker. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ephebiatrics)
  • An Facebook lurker. Someone who likes all of your posts and comments on your photos. A shady personality, perhaps slightly mental unhinged. (in Community Dictionary, added by Miguel Calvo)
  • A person who visits an opposing website or forum in the sole purpose of creating furore and for their own pleasure. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marlee Hardin)