Flump sex means: AKA Flumping.. Noun: The act of actually ART of secreting the confectionary product known as Flumps about the person of a Sexual partner or Flumpee. This is before, during, and after sexual congress with you the Flumper. It is recommended that the game be played for at least 4 days, with the possibility of “Flump Off” or a tie-breaking situation. However, it isn’t necessary. You can play the game indefinitely until you reach an age when sex is no longer happening. Most care homes ban flumping due to residents (or Inmates) waking up with sticky white stains, leading to the belief that they have miraculously restarted puberty. This is a beautiful image. By licking the Flumps and sticking them to your body, the aim of Flumping or Flump Sex is to attach as many Flumps as possible to the Flumpee. Points will be awarded for this. For a flump to the arse, or lower back score of 10, 15 on the neck or shoulders 20 for your legs and arms 30, for head or chest Automatic win for Flumps who stick to Ballbags or Nipples N.B. Only Flumps that are still attached by the morning will count as flumps. Famous Celebrity Flumpers David Bailey Will Smith Aristotle Jennifer Love-Hewitt Dante Zooey Deschanel Leonardo Dara O Brien The late Sir Jimmy Saville. (in Community Dictionary, added by Demócrito Romero)