flumonia means: When a person is infected by both the flu and pnemonia, the “Super-bug”, a synergistic virus that can be created when they are simultaneously sick with them all, becomes a super-bug. This is more dangerous than the bird flu or swine flu, and is even more frightening than the SuperFlu in the film “The Stand”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nikolas Sandoval)

What else does flumonia mean?

  • Mixture of flu and nemonia. Well, that’s at least what the big ace said…fat assnigga.. ….heres an illustration. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adrian Cortez)
  • Winter weather is characterized by rapidly changing temperatures and any type of illness that can be contracted. You can contract it from visiting children, adults with children, or living in close proximity to them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adón Méndez)