Fluffy Fingers means: The “gang community” often uses this phrase. This is usually used when someone really gets in your face. Then you start to tickle them and they begin tickling you. Soon, you will be laughing and hugging. You’ll forget the entire thing before you know it. You can all go together to church and share an ice-cream cone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kayden Knapp)

What else does Fluffy Fingers mean?

  • You tickle your friends when they get all up and make a fuss about you. Then, it’s all good fun. You go to a ice cream shop. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisco Chapman)
  • Ok, now dig this. One of your gang members disses you while you’re walking down the street. Yeah, right. How do you get them to do it? In gang life, we call this fluffy fingers. This is when someone gets really in your face and you start to tickle them. He starts to tickle you. Soon, you are laughing and hugging. You’ll forget the whole thing before you know. You can just all go together to church and have ice cream cones. Oh. It’s effective. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darryl Richardson)
  • You can tickle a fellow gang member that has been playing with you. Soon, you’ll be laughing together so much you won’t remember the issue between you. The Office. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amadeo Gil)
  • If someone really puts a strain on your face, then just start to tickle him. Soon, you’ll be laughing so much that you want to hug them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelynn Mason)