Flooding The Cave means: The male pushes into their partner’s anus or vagina while they are having sexual intercourse. After concentrating on pushing out urine from his hard penis, the male fills the body cavity of the partner with hot piss. The receiver will usually feel instant pleasure as their partner’s urine hits the G-spot, or the male shoots into the prostate to massage it. The receiver should then bend down and pour the urine mixed with cum into a glass. This can be a refreshing and cool treat for hot summer days once it has been refrigerated. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aryanna Walsh)

What else does Flooding The Cave mean?

  • Put ur dick inside a girl’s sex and get pissed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Miguel Calvo)
  • It is the act of pisseing on someone’s sex. (in Community Dictionary, added by Margarita Bravo)
  • Boning a girl, and flooding her vaginal cavity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Olivia Jackson)
  • Injecting the penis in a female’s pussy, and then going inside to urinate. This applies to all butt pirates. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adan Thomas)