Flicky means: A person who does a lot of grinding or is prone to moving around while making out, often lying down and sometimes standing up. Some people like it, while others don’t. (in Community Dictionary, added by Denzel Shields)

What else does Flicky mean?

  • The person who wrote that definition must correct his facts. Flicky, originally an arcade game, was released in 1999. Later, it was PORTED to Mega Drive by the Europeans and Japanese. Flicky was there before the blue “Sonic”. Your Flicky is not “a” flicky. You are the Original Eponymous (pronounced “eh-PAHN”) character that has to save her chicks. She’s a Nyan-Nyan cat, which’s called “Tiger” by you “yanks”, as well as an Iguana named Choro (“Iggy”). So far, you are with me Good. Clear levels by getting all of the Chirps towards the exit door. It’s kinda like Sonic 3D Blast but…2D. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. Complex, but simple. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chaz Hanna)
  • Adj. Adj. (in Community Dictionary, added by Caitlin Mercer)
  • 1. Prostitution of minors or extramarital affairs 2. The Hedgehog summons a small blue bird from 14 Chaos Emeralds. (in Community Dictionary, added by Josephine Scott)
  • A pen Knife It is used by roadmen as a weapon for harm. (in Community Dictionary, added by Solacetie506678)
  • EXCELLENT Sega Genesis game, not a Sega Saturn game. This is a great game with tons of replay potential and so much fun. You play as a Flicky Bird who must rescue his chicks from Tigers. The game is fun! (in Community Dictionary, added by Elena Peña)