flexisexual means: This person is someone who has more than one sexual orientation. They should be classified in the “ace” category. (in Community Dictionary, added by Angeline Schultz)

What else does flexisexual mean?

  • Bisexual girl who is only bisexual on weekends. (in Community Dictionary, added by Minutious)
  • An example of sexuality where one’s attraction to another person changes with time. This can happen on a daily basis or over the course a month. It all depends on who is doing the labeling. One might label themselves as flexisexual or give another name to their most popular attraction or label the extent of their attraction. (in Community Dictionary, added by Abigayle Mcdonald)
  • A straight, heterosexual man who is open to homosexual relationships. This is a part of the hipster scene. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lorenzo Baldwin)
  • A person who has a sexual attraction to both the male and female sexes, but is not willing to have intimate relationships with one of them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Caiden Schultz)
  • Flexible sexual orientation. They are open to flirting with both genders and will try to draw them together, but refuse to be identified as bisexual. They will change their preference for which gender they feel most attracted to. They will often appear very androgynous and like to hang out with other scene people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Biltong)