Fletcher means: Fletcher is the gang boss. You should refer to him as “boss”. He will break your ankles if you call him “boss”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Solomon Moore)

What else does Fletcher mean?

  • Sometimes used as a second or third name. However, when it is used as the first name they are one of the most influential people on this planet. They are attractive, intelligent and have a good appearance. Fletchers don’t usually have the most impressive height. However, they compensate for this with a big and lovable personality. Also, what Fletcher’s lack in height, they more than make up in fitness. Fletchers have many close friends but few friends. Giving food is the key to being a friend to a Fletcher. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arturo Todd)
  • Fletcher is hot and charming and can drive a girl crazy with his affection. He is an Ace student, has many friends, and is always the center of attention at parties. (in Community Dictionary, added by Allie Newton)
  • A beautiful, bright man who will turn a girl’s life upside down. When she is sad, he makes her smile. When you meet a Fletcher, it will be obvious. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cael Snow)
  • Not an awful asshole, like the other definitions might suggest. He is actually quite nice, sincere. (in Community Dictionary, added by Santos Kirk)
  • A person who shoots arrows. (in AZ Dictionary)