flaven means: A. It is usually used in scientific terminology. Useful with hoyven and glaven This term was created by Jerry Luis, and has been popularized recently by The Simpsons scientist. b. Versitle terms used to describe and name nouns. C. One that one speaks to himself for sheer enjoyment of the sound. (in Community Dictionary, added by Raegan Casey)

What else does flaven mean?

  • Flaven is an amazing and wonderful word. Flaven is a flavorful term that means a “nerd”, a person who is focused or skilled in technical or scientific pursuits and is considered to be socially awkward or inept. The original word was created by Jerry Lewis in his early days with Dean Martin. Professor Frink, an animated character from the Simpsons, is the origin of the word. Ironically, his roots can also be traced back to the same source. The epitome geekdom is Professor Frink. He’s the mad scientist and the Jerry Lewis character. Many variations exist of Flaven. Flavin, Flaven-hoyven, Iven Flaven, and GLAVENHAVENMOYVENSCHLOYHEYY are just a few examples. Flaven-Maven or Maven Haven is another popular variant. Glayhaywayven and gloyvenshmoyven are also very popular. Flaven pronunciation requires the speaker to pronounce the word in a very urgent manner so the listener understands its meaning. This and similar words will bring you years of joy and pleasure, as well as stimulating others with your wide-eyed stare and dramatic vocal tweaking. Next time you spot a thin kid sitting on a computer screen, his glasses thick enough that they burn his eyes, make sure to sneak up behind them and shout “FLAVEN!” Yes, Flaven. Your maven will fly high in an amazing display of absolute havenwaven. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ezequiel Gallardo)