Flanderization means: Just like Ned Flanders’ simpsons Everything is possible It’s gone wet A single, often minor act or trait that a character takes from a book and then exaggerates it until the character is completely consumed. The traitaction is usually made so outrageous that it becomes the character’s defining characteristic. This is especially true for Sitcoms characters and Sitcom characters, as well as peripheral characters on shows that have long runs. The Simpsons’ Ned Flanders is the inspiration for the trope. He was a neighbor, attentive father and considerate neighbor. His devout nature is that he attended church regularly and gave his attention to it. This makes him an interesting contrast to Homer. The key point to this trope lies in the gradual nature of the progression. Characters start relatively normal, then gain a few quirks. These quirks gradually make the character more interesting, and so on. Characterization marches on if the difference is only about the way the character looks early before writers can decide what to do. Flanderization does not have to be bad. Sometimes it is a way to bring out a character that’s otherwise boring and to enhance their personality. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gabriel Fernández)

What else does Flanderization mean?

  • Flanderization is the process whereby a single character trait is exaggerated and made into the character’s sole trait. Fllanderization, which is usually for the worse and draws viewers away from what the character stands for, tends to be a negative trait. (in Community Dictionary, added by Johanna Oliver)