Fishtown means: Fishtown is home to some of the most genuine people in Philly. Ftown is home to people who have been helping others since childhood. Fishtown people know how to have fun and party. Fishtown children are among the most skilled in sports and have the ability to fight more than anyone else. Other than ftown, there are other corny neighborhoods. We are not fuckin’ touched by anyone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matilde Parra)

What else does Fishtown mean?

  • This is the most dangerous neighborhood in Philadelphia. This neighborhood is filled with people who believe they are better than everyone. Fishtowners are not good people. Because of the way these people live, this neighborhood should be thrown out. This neighborhood is populated by yuppies and a lot of parents who fail in their attempts to get their kids to excel at sports. Fishtown has nothing positive to offer. The best thing about Fishtown is that they all believe they can fight together. (in Community Dictionary, added by Abel Wright)
  • Fishtown, Philadelphia is a district in Philadelphia where the majority of worlds Tony’s or Vinny’s live. Fishtown is named after the former center of Delaware River’s shad fishing industry. (in Community Dictionary, added by Furphy)
  • Fishtown, a Philadelphia neighborhood along the deleware River is called. It was once a community of working-class people, but it is slowly becoming artistic and festive. Also known for having a pizza shop, church, or bar on every corner Fishtown is known as a trendy destination. (in Community Dictionary, added by Quintin Greene)