fine means: Gorgeous, Hot and Attractive. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adalberto Muñoz)

What else does fine mean?

  • “I am not very good at this but I don’t really want to be loud about it so I’ll tell you I’m a word in the dictionary that means “ok”. But if you know the meaning of the word, you’ll see that i’m speaking in code. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dumbwaiter)
  • This is a good word for someone who’s depressed, but doesn’t want anyone to worry about you. They end up being worried anyway. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finn Vance)
  • You can look great in all aspects. (in Community Dictionary, added by Taylor Ramos)
  • Beautiful, attractive and beautiful. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cayden Reid)
  • Hot or good looking. (in Community Dictionary, added by Keely Esparza)
  • It is important to do things carefully or with care: synonym : Beautiful . (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Sharp; sharp. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Pure metal contained in specified amounts or proportions (in AZ Dictionary)
  • No impurities (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Very little in terms of size, weight or thickness (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Outstanding in character and ability (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Superior quality, talent, or appearance (in AZ Dictionary)
  • ( Fine (In summary; in short. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • ( Fine (In conclusion, finally. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Inflict a penalty on to compel the payment of a civil fine (in AZ Dictionary)
  • As a punishment for an offense, a sum of money that must be paid to the government. (in AZ Dictionary)