Findle means: An expression to refer to a group or individuals of white skin. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaidyn Bridges)

What else does Findle mean?

  • Findle is derived from the roots words “fondle” and “bindle”. Bindle could be a small bag or sack. Fondle can also be used to touch someone’s “no-nos”. The word “findle” is now in the dictionary to refer to: A person secretly rubs their packages on someone else, especially their ‘no’s’. (in Community Dictionary, added by Vanesa Reyes)
  • A tool for drawing or writing with ink. It typically consists of either a nib or ball made from metal, or a tip made of nylon that is fitted into a metal or clear holder. (in Community Dictionary, added by Saul Flowers)
  • Fondle touch 1. Touch the feet with your fingers 2. A touch of erotica with your feet 3. Touch penisvaginabreast to get off your feet. 4. It is sometimes used for roleplaying to gently touch another person’s heel or toes and give pleasure. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aglet)
  • A sexual attraction between two persons is called finding. You could cuddle, kiss or flirt via snapchat. You can find whatever you want. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mónica Vázquez)