Festival Flu means: Two main types are festival flu. First, the Music festival flu. This usually occurs after a festival and can be caused by lapses in hygiene, diet, and disturbed sleep patterns. Festival flu can be self-inflicted. This is also known as the Fringe and Comedy festival flu. It is caused by several nights of late-night events, in close proximity to other people who have similar lapsed immune systems. Although it’s more common to get this post-event flu, it may also occur during festival events. Festival flu sufferers should avoid shaming festival performers and keep it at bay. They cannot afford to lose the voices of their loved ones. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ally Barrett)

What else does Festival Flu mean?

  • A sickness that sets in after returning from a festival. These are some of the causes: Between 2-10 hours of sleep per night for a period of five days. Living in your dirt. Screaming, shouting and shouting a lot. Excessive consumption both of legal and illicit substances. Being too poor to afford food, and therefore going without food for 5 days. -Dehydration. This illness is self-inflicted, so there’s not much sympathy to be had. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nigel Simmons)