femme daddy means: A femme daddy will look after you like a good-looking woman. Her shit is her shit. She can do things like making reservations and other grownup stuff. She is comfortable in bed. She is a sophisticated eater. Her fierce style and energy are a result of her femme spirit. You can expect her to open your door and then order you a car. Fuckboys are not the same thing as a femme daddy. GO Magazine, Zaara Barrie Mommi can be described as an aesthetic. But Daddy, on the other hand, is complex and difficult to identify. “Daddy” is an emotion. AutoStraddle: Kayla Upadhyaya and Erin Sullivan (in Community Dictionary, added by Jazmine Campos)

What else does femme daddy mean?

  • Rare gem found within the leatherkink community is a femmefeminine female who can wear a skirt and lipstick and show her femininity. She represents a Daddy’s style in Ds relationships – structured, supportive, loving, and constructive. (in Community Dictionary, added by Meadow Barrera)