feltching means: One gay man who reportedly uses gerbils for their anal sex. It is believed that the gerbil can asphyxiate, and death spasms may be considered enjoyable. This may be an allegory about the selfishness and selfishness of Gays. 2 Men who drink cum from the ass of others. 3. A method used by medeival Blacksmiths to dip heated metal from forges repeatedly in water, to enable fast castingtempering. org.estern America Richard Gere is a rare urban legend. He was a frequently hospitalized victim to feltching accidents. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pierre Chase)

What else does feltching mean?

  • 1. The act by which a man retrieves his own semen from another person’s anal cavity using an auxiliary device. This is usually a straw. He then consumes it or passes it along to his partner. 2. The act of inserting small rodents through tubes into the anus, and then blowing through the tube. This stimulates the brain and causes repeated spasms. It also gives the feltcher great joy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aurelio Márquez)
  • Sucking or licking is used to remove partners’ sexual fluids. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ben Ford)
  • A man will fuck you without any rubber. The man shoots the load and then places his lips on your anus. He then suckers out all of his warm sperm and any lubricant or feces present. That’s fletching. This may include kissing to transfer sperm or fecal matter into the mouth. Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cottarme12345)