Fellowism means: Emil Nybraten created the Fellowism, an ideology that expands on one principle and three ideas. Main Principle – Everyone will strive to fulfill the deepest desires of every individual. This means that everyone works together to meet their needs. The Main Ideas At their core, all people are pure and without sin. Our core is the need, and our impurity is derived from our desire to please ourselves. Humans exist to help others relate to the Idea of Self. This extends far beyond their bodiness to include all things they see that are related to their Idea of Self. Gathering truth is the best way to empower a person. Truth equals reliable information. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mila Lambert)

What else does Fellowism mean?

  • This is a strongly Capitalist and Republican ideology. It also supports the idea that people who are poor should not be able to help others and should abolish charities. He is known for being particularly pro-war, and all the RAF personnel are highly regarded. However, all those who serve in the Navy are second-class citizens. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brayan Fletcher)