Fegelein means: Hermann Fegelein Adolf Hitler This is common sense and elementary knowledge of the internet, as well as upper-intermediate knowledge about history. Fuhrer was driven by him alone to insanity, detachment and from reality. You can’t blame him. It is also possible that he has the ability to omnipresence, but it’s not confirmed. However, the identity of this manipulative and powerful troll entity is not yet confirmed. Although many people believe that it is gone, its fate remains uncertain. Fegelein’s point of view is that you can no longer be certain of anything, wink. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jeramiah Moon)

What else does Fegelein mean?

  • He is the ultimate Hitler rant parody artist. He can be seen urinating on the toilet to ensure no one else uses it, or abandoning his position on the battlefield. (in Community Dictionary, added by Odin Valenzuela)