Fection means: It’s better than great. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maximillian Gibson)

What else does Fection mean?

  • This word is a highly philosophical one with many meanings. It was once used by some of the greatest philosophers. Now it is up to a handful of people to figure out the meaning of this word in texts. Because of this, the meaning is often disputed and someignorant people believe that it doesn’t exist. 1. A word that means to philosophically discuss a specific thought 2. A simple, philosophically taboo word that can be used to point out an angry philosopher It doesn’t matter what other meanings it might have, it is clear that it is a true word. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ademption)
  • A person’s behavior that is affected. It could be annoyance or irratation. Percentages ranging from 0 to 100 are used to measure “fection”. The amount of “fetction”, which you are receiving, can affect your “fection level”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Boston Blake)