FCB means: Funny-colored baby. Informal slang to describe a mixed-raced child who shares the same color as neither of their parents. Alternative slang for half cast. (in Community Dictionary, added by Clarence Hurst)

What else does FCB mean?

  • One person who keeps a list of people to recommend that others should never follow. 1 Someone who must drink when instructed to. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shayla Rowe)
  • Begin college with a friend This is the first person you meet in college. It will be made during welcome week or at a mixer. The person you can instantly see when you arrive at college and immediately go up to them. They share an amazing handshake and are always there to compliment one another. You have an almost identical sense of style, and you are like college students. (in Community Dictionary, added by Addisyn Carson)
  • Fried Chicken Boy A FCB, in essence, is someone who is black. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cornelius Atkins)
  • This is the slang term for free crack babies. This term is used when parents want to adopt babies. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matthias Garrison)
  • A common term in Singapore for foreign talent and workers. This stands for Faster, Cheaper and Better. It is a casual term used by MNC employers and officials of the Ministry of Manpower. Foreigners often perform better and are perceived to be more productive and have lower salaries. It includes both low-skilled and high-skilled foreign talent. Because they may not be “cheaper”, foreign executive are excluded. (in Community Dictionary, added by Flimflam)