Fawning means: Affront awning. A gunt is the male equivalent. A large, overhanging skin flap that covers the privates. (in Community Dictionary, added by Romualdo Moya)

What else does Fawning mean?

  • This is the act of showing affection. Usually, it’s when someone flatters others in a slave-like manner. Normally, this happens when people are trying to get something. It is basically sucking up or simping. (in Community Dictionary, added by Harper Delacruz)
  • It is the act of falling into a crowd, or in a crowded area for no apparent reason. Then walk away pretending that nothing ever happened. (in Community Dictionary, added by Passel)
  • After a lengthy period of alcohol, women try to wear expensive and uncomfortable heels while pretending they are classy. It is not unlike a newborn deer trying to make its first steps. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaslene Hood)