favoritism means: Southeastern Illinois College, Harrisburg’s closed door process for selecting its employees. (in Community Dictionary, added by Casey Zhang)

What else does favoritism mean?

  • If two people are doing the same thing but get away with it, the one who gets away with it is the favoritism click. The other doesn’t. One person gets away with favoritism, while the other does not. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zachery Sampson)
  • Urban dictionary uses favoritism to describe people. However, if you like someone or something they don’t like then they won’t let you put hate on them. If you try to make a positive definition of them they will not accept it. go f yourselves urban dictionary. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gavin Leach)
  • An act of partiality towards a loved one or group. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A state in which you are held in special favor. (in AZ Dictionary)