Fave means: Roblox ped0. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eva Hubbard)

What else does Fave mean?

  • You hate someone but pretend they are your favorite person. This is your best friend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaden Snyder)
  • Fave is the greatest YouTuber. He posts informative Roblox videos, including videos that show how to protect your Roblox account. (in Community Dictionary, added by Isaac Ruiz)
  • You are the most beloved person on earth. This person, regardless of how many friends and family you may have, is your favourite. They can make you smile, make you happy, and listen to your every whim. You will be super happy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Inmaculada Gallardo)
  • Although they may be your friend at first, this person has grown to become much more. They are your favourite person. This is the person that you look forward to talking to every day. You are the person who can bring a smile to your face every day and make the darkest days seem brighter. You are the person who stands beside you through all things. Fave is a person who means so much and deserves to be honored. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kamryn Allen)
  • Abbreviation for “favorite”. It was a common expression, especially on the West Coast. It is now used in sarcasm at some universities along the east coast. (in Community Dictionary, added by Josephine Scott)
  • A favorite is one that is more popular than others, or most likely to win. (in AZ Dictionary)