father nelson means: An openly gay Catholic priest. Named after a mixture of scandals that have occurred in Catholic Church and the name given to a wrestler known as a “nelson”. Half-nelson refers to when someone is trying to wrestle, or restrain them. You place your arm underneath their arm and bring your head up to their back. Next, you hold your head high and push their head forward. The full-nelson refers to the exact same thing as a half-nelson except that you can use both your arms to train your opponent. When a Catholic Priest attempts to sodomize someone using a full-nelson, it is called a Father Nelson. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matias Lamb)

What else does father nelson mean?

  • Males will put females in full-on nelson wrestle moves. Then, he will place the female in a full nelson wrestling maneuver. (in Community Dictionary, added by Noemi Walker)
  • Submission held with dominance in the name. The end of a career in aggressive wrestling. Technique: One executor slips down from the back to support his opponent. Two executers extend their right arms forward through opponents’ arm, suppressing it in an extended position. Optional would be for them to grasp opponents wrist and lock it back as a “chicken-wing”. Three with the completion of steps 12, you will have achieved a HALFINESS. Optional for the left arm: Repeat step 2. Tip: Keep your eyes on the prize! Step 2 4. 5. You are now a FULL-NELSON 6. With a strong grasp and hold as described in step 1 through 5, begin visibly thrusting from your pelvis towards the opponent. You should be patient as submission times can vary. You might consider wearing clergy vestments or reciting Scripture during execution to increase your effect. (in Community Dictionary, added by Celina Vázquez)