Familyship means: Familyship is a rare condition that results in a special bond between a group or friends. Usually, 2 or more people are brought together and the parties involved believe they are related. Familyship: A self-described term used to describe groups of individuals who are diagnosed with familyship Side effects reported from familyship include obsession, codependency extremes, a refusal to acknowledge toxicity, joy, laughter, and even grief. Families with server dysfunction have taken over the care of their children, as though they were their own. Recent research has shown that familyship is hereditary. One study that examined over 1,000 familyships found the overwhelming majority had at least one parent who was willing to help others. Familyship research is still very new. However, familyship experts believe the disorder may be caused by one or more family members being vulnerable to weakness. Familyship sufferers exploit that vulnerability with relentless compassion and sacrifice when a family member reveals it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cash Zhang)

What else does Familyship mean?

  • A bond between two or more members of a family. (in Community Dictionary, added by Izabella Baird)
  • Your family’s relationship. It’s almost the same as friendship, but closer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cindy Whitaker)