fagalo means: One who is attracted to a woman for her pussy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Victorino Martín)

What else does fagalo mean?

  • Person who is so fag they emit homosexual particles called fagatrons. Their dick is so inexplicably gay, it has inverted its body because it can’t take the stress. Fagalos can be found in any area. You should call 911 to ask for special assistance. Fagalos love feminine clothes, particularly pink shorts with their bottoms showing. The way they speak is preppy and girly. They are often seen with many females because their estrogen levels are high and this feeds their gay, faggot-like homosexuality. (in Community Dictionary, added by Delaney Henry)
  • Person who isn’t gay, but appears to be a fag. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tripp Conley)