faffer means: Derivative: FaffisFaffelgaggler A rhinosaurus-sized female rhinosaurus chef, who can be snarky, and possibly a pretentious vegetarian. (in Community Dictionary, added by Feliciano Carmona)

What else does faffer mean?

  • A Faff Toyota Celica GT4 ST205 owner will never stop faffing around with it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luz Oliver)
  • N. Derivation of FAF 2. A beautiful woman with a sexy personality but whose body and personality are unattractive. V. to have sex in a relationship with a woman. (in Community Dictionary, added by Warren Gilmore)
  • An indecisive, fussy individual who can procrastinate, is prone to dithering among tasks and easily distracted. He achieves little. He/she is a two-headed individual who fumbles between tasks and then starts over. “A foffer is an enemy of time. He effortlessly consumes it while pretending that he’s constructive.” – Quote. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lena Cervantes)