factoid means: It is a very minor fact. This is usually used to communicate a very small fact that a peer just mentioned. It can be used to insult the speaker by using the word. Another way to say no shit sherlock. (in Community Dictionary, added by Efrén Romero)

What else does factoid mean?

  • Another way to use the offensive term “fucktard” in polite company is by using another word. (in Community Dictionary, added by Odin Valenzuela)
  • This is a fact that’s so amazing it has to be true. It can also be used as a way to enhance a story. It is not necessary to verify authenticity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leocadia Gutiérrez)
  • Presumed facts based on words ending in -oid. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ashlee Gallagher)
  • 1A fact which may be false or true but that is not significant in its truth. It is not clear if the source of this factoid was authentic. 2. A compact sentence containing a verified fact. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camryn Copeland)
  • Untrue, or documented “fact”, that may be used in conjunction with or embellished by a story. See Anneism. (in Community Dictionary, added by Erico Blesa)
  • Unverified, inaccurate, or untrue information is presented to the media as facts, usually as part of publicity efforts, and is accepted by repeated repetitions. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • This is a brief but interesting fact. (in AZ Dictionary)