Expressionism means: A web lingo that is meant to combat the misuse of the term LOL. It uses different abbreviations in order to better describe user’s words. 1. NL=Not Laughing. This is used when a friend tells a funny joke, but thinks it’s hilarious. 2. Ss=Slight Smile. This expression is used when the user smiles a little, which many people mistakenly call “lol”. 3. Cg=Cracked Grin. This is used when the user can’t decide between smiling and laughing. 4. Lol=Laughing loudly. This is only to be used if the user is actually laughing out loud in an online or text chat. (in Community Dictionary, added by Poltroon)

What else does Expressionism mean?

  • An early 1900s movement that stressed distortion of reality to convey the artist’s subjective experience. (in AZ Dictionary)