Expert means: Payed shill who often appears on TV pretending to know more than everyone else in order promote false claims about the agenda of the person they are working for. They often add facts and figures in order to confuse viewers, but they never present a true picture of the topic being discussed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bryson Richard)

What else does Expert mean?

  • One who knows less about everything until they have it all. At that point they can give their opinions to everyone and say what should and should not be done. –D.Mar. (in Community Dictionary, added by Efrén Medina)
  • Someone who thinks they know how to do something, but in reality just did it wrong. 2.A person who explains in detail how they did something simple, or not important like driving a bumper car. 3. If something doesn’t go as you expect it to. 4. An idiot…Nub. (in Community Dictionary, added by Excursive)
  • Person who has a lot of knowledge and skill about a particular subject. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A person who is skilled in, involved with, or shows knowledge or skill in a subject. synonym : proficient . (in AZ Dictionary)