Exhibitionist means: Person who enjoys visiting art galleries. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicolás Montoro)

What else does Exhibitionist mean?

  • An individual who enjoys watching others sexually. Exhibitors are self-centered people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Greyson Ballard)
  • Public display of power, wealth and personality by a person. They might post excessive photos on social media or dress up in unusual or provocative looks. Mainstream dictionaries define “a person who acts in ways that attract attention” in a way we disagree with. This might hold true in some cases but it seems to force us to interpret their behavior psychologically. This is not to be confused by the psychiatric term exhibitionist, which refers to people who expose their genitalia to public. (in Community Dictionary, added by Julius Petty)
  • Female or male who show off their cunts and cocks to get a thrill. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wilfredo Herrera)
  • A wild, sexy chick that blatantly declares she does it in public places and proceeds to “exibit”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Felix Archer)