exactamundo means: Literally, it means “all around the globe”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Labyrinth)

What else does exactamundo mean?

  • It can be translated as ‘exactly or ‘precisely. This is an extended version of “exactly” with more syllables to improve pronunciation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cleofás Mora)
  • Exactamundo, the English pronunciation of Exactamente in Spanish is: (in Community Dictionary, added by Crumple)
  • Exactly. Conceivably is derived from Spanish “exactamente”, which means “exactly.” This is used mostly by non-Spanish speaking Americans. Although it is believed that the first recorded expressions were made by The Fonz (a hip, irreverent character from The Happy Days in the 1950s), they are likely older. It is possible that the second half of “world”, “mundo,” may be a mishearing exactlyamente or, in another context mundo in Spanish, “world”. The meaning of “world” is not understood by the understand meaning. It might be translated as “exactly world” in Spanish, but the gender of the “exacta”, renders it grammatically correct. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kareem Bray)
  • It means ‘yes’, ‘exactly’, ‘right’, or ‘that is correct. This word seems to have been derived from the English term ‘exactly. ‘. (in Community Dictionary, added by Evangeline Donovan)
  • As you say. It is used to signify agreement. (in AZ Dictionary)