ESTP means: One of the most popular mbti types. She is a total womanizer and funny af, and should be at the center of everyone’s attention. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leia Gordon)

What else does ESTP mean?

  • ESTP’s are: – Good-excellent at sports Multi-talented: Can excel at almost any task Bold risk-takers who are willing to take on almost any challenge that is fun or challenging They are very entertaining, and they have a wonderful sense of humor Popular and well-known. – You will find a lot women who are interested in LT relationships, and they may cheat. They often date esfps, because they know that esfps are willing to take off clothes for any person, even an estp. Their “ideal” or “dual” partner is an infp. The quite, dreamy and vulnerable individual. (in Community Dictionary, added by Vicenta Carmona)