Eshay means: Eshay is a known person who can be violent, grumpy, or just plain stupid. They are usually from Australian Citys and live in povo areas like Bondi Junction and Redfern Inerwest Mont Duritt. Eshays are known to wear clothing from brands like Nike, Lacoste and Adidas. They also wear Nike Tns, Air Max’s, and almost always wear a cap, side bag, or bumbag and smoke a dartcigarette. Eshays believe they are top-shinning because they hate children and rep postcodes. They also listen to music by onefour and hoolgian Hefs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jamiya Graves)

What else does Eshay mean?

  • Eshay, an arsehole who has no integrity whatsoever should be beat up at the site. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jasper Velazquez)
  • Failure abortions: Fucking topshit drinking green tea from randombushes and stealing their dad’s non-alcoholic beer. Take, their mums 1997 Toyota Corolla. They claim they stole it when it was there junkie moms car. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rafael Stewart)
  • Eshay, a street rat breed, is mostly found in their teenage years. These animals are often seen wearing sportswear brands that feature large logos. To ensure their safety, these baby mammals hunt together in large groups. They are obedient and docile, but when they become part of a large pack, they begin to attack innocent persons, particularly the mentally ill. You can spot these amazing creatures at your local mall. They are often found in shopping centres. Not Important: If the LV hat is worn, I recommend that you keep your distance as this could indicate they might be a highly-ranking esh boy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reed Burke)
  • Eshay, eshlad This is the name of small, nimble dickheads who seem to believe they’re top shit. This group consists primarily of male eshays. They are notorious for their bad habits, including smoking, stealing and taking drugs. These small-brained, naive pricks think they are able to fight any person. Literally. If they tried, they wouldn’t be capable of killing a motherfucking flying fly. Eshays vocabulary is often relegated to swear words and really terrible slang. It is most common to see an eshay at a train station, tobacconists or alleyways. These dumbasses can be found easily because they only wear baggy pants and a bloody-striped shirt. It’s not surprising that they are able to afford brands like Nike. They may still make money from an innocent man. They are often scared away by men with loud voices or large sticks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pancracio Gutiérrez)
  • Another term for an Australian boy is “Eshay”, which can be translated as “British chav”. The majority of ‘Eshays are from poor backgrounds, with little to no secondary education. They rely on centrelink or theft payments for support and their illicit drug and graffiti use. Eshays are generally fearful of the general public. They are known for staring down people and hanging in groups. Although most eshays are unable to fight, they do target large numbers of their victims. Most eshays smoke marijuana on a daily basis. They also often use other drugs like MDMA, LSD, and amphetamines at raves. These people enjoy hardstyle music and have a reputation for their “gabber dancing”. You can easily identify them by what they wear. -striped polo shirts Any nautica, Polo RL, or Tommy Hiliger Gear -trackpants Sports shorts -Nike Shox or Airmax. (in Community Dictionary, added by Haylie Li)
  • White, thin males with a tendency to be skinny and look like they’re ” Roadmen”/ “Gangsters”. Generally, they wear polo shirts, puffer jackets, tracksuit pants or baggy shorts. They also often sport Nike TNs and ankther types of air force shoes. They are often poor and waste money on drugs or pingas. (in Community Dictionary, added by Courtney Dickson)